Guaranteed to Grow Your Sales Force While Reducing Mis-hires!

The cost of a mis-hire is seldom an item on your balance sheet.  When you take into consideration advertising, basic training, the time of the trainer, the expenses attendant to the trainee’s early development, the cost of developing prospects, and the administrative support which attends these costs, the investment in the recruit becomes sizable.

A sales force may be subject to turnover due to the retirement, burn-out, or relocation of salespeople.  While that is a given, a large majority of salespeople “turn-over” because they were a mis-hire.  A home improvement sales force operates in a complicated environment with the need to sell customers on a short cycle.  In-home selling requires that a salesperson competes with others selling what is often perceived as the same product or service at lower prices.  So how do you grow a sales organization while reducing mis-hires?

You should begin by examining the “12 Immutable Laws for Hiring Salespeople”.

  1. Hiring the right salesperson takes twice the time you expected and much more time than you have.
  2. Self-starters — seldom do.
  3. After numerous interviews or few applicants, less qualified candidates look better.
  4. The ideal candidate — usually isn’t.
  5. The majority of resumes received seldom match the job description in your ad.  The best resumes are frequently a product of creative writing and vivid imagination.
  6. The best candidate for your job is probably already working for someone else.
  7. “What ever happened to what’s-his-name?” is the sequel to last year’s great hiring story.
  8. The true cost of “mis-hires” doesn’t show up on your P&L.
  9. Your “gut feelings” work best when they indicate it’s time for lunch, and seldom when it comes to choosing the best candidate.
  10. Unless the interviewer has been trained in the recruiting process – mishires become the rule rather than the exception.
  11. Poor performers seem to surface soon after the draw or training guarantee expires.
  12. A candidate’s true behavior is usually masked during an interview and can be discovered either by a behavioral profile or by disappointment after training has been completed.

Eliminating mis-hires is next to impossible, but you can reduce them significantly by following a sound, structured hiring system.

If your goal is to find and retain million dollar producers then this is the only program you need to attend in 2014.

On May 7th and 8th of 2014, prepare to learn:

  • Why the true cost of a mis-hire is to your company is often over $5000 in the first 2 or 3 weeks (it’s not just lost sales)
  • How to properly advertise for the best possible candidates (a critical first step)
  • The interview skills you need to cultivate so you can hire the best of the best
  • Additional places to look for top sales candidates (even if they aren’t currently seeking new employment)
  • How to attract the best salespeople in your area to seek you out and want to work for your company
  • The causes of salesperson turnover and how to drastically reduce it
  • The hiring skills your managers need to properly interview top sales candidates (studies show that mediocre hiring skills result in mediocre new hires)
  • How simple electronic profiling can help you hire someone who has the potential and behavior pattern to succeed in the sales role in your environment
  • Where the sales management process goes awry (and how to fix it)
  • How to keep your salespeople stimulated so that they don’t fall into a rut working for you
  • And much more!

You will leave the seminar motivated and energized, with structured strategies that you can implement in your business right away.

Each attendee of the 2-day program will receive a complete training manual, there will be abundant Q&A, and you will have the opportunity to network with over 150 professionals and all of our sponsors during the bonus cocktail hour.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join us in Chicago!

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