Increase Your Profitability Before the End of 2014!


If you are in the home improvement business you are a part of a great industry which is estimated to produce well over $300 billion in revenue in the forthcoming year.  That total includes everything from big box stores, large and small remodeling companies, many large specialty companies who sell one or two products, and those who replace HVAC and plumbing units.  You are in a diverse business in an industry which is destined to get larger.

Running a profitable home improvement business is not as simple as the outside world would make it appear.  The average home improvement company is usually owned by someone who in the past worked for another home improvement company prior to starting their own business.  Many small contractors were once installers.  And some of the large specialty companies are run by those who were in the sales and marketing role before they started their own business.

Those who own home improvement companies are entrepreneurs.  Moreover, they make things happen and create business utilizing their creativity and intuitive judgment. However, without the back-end structure in place, many are wasting the opportunity to become profitable (or more profitable).

This year’s Home Improvement Profitability Summit will focus on several core areas that have been identified as profit-drivers:

Going from “Fair & Failure” to Success in Canvassing

  • How the canvass lead can become the “least expensive” lead in your marketing mix.
  • In-depth canvassing scripting during our role play sessions.

Don’t Settle for Being a Good Sales Manager – - Become a Great One!

  • Why $1 million salespeople have become ordinary.  The “bar” is much higher now.
  • How great sales managers can get 70 to 80% (some higher) sit rates regularly.
  • How a rehash program influences an increased close rate for all salespeople.

Legal Roadblocks for 2014 and Beyond

  • The updated federal and legal laws that are applicable to your business – - and what is on the horizon.

The Financial Model of the Successful Home Improvement Company

  • The modern way to prepare an operating statement and balance sheet.
  • How to lower your tax payments.
  • Why some of your marketing issues must be part of your operating statement.

The Pathway to Become a Superstar in Selling

  • How to get more sales from the same number of leads (and less cancellations).
  • The science of “Customer Satisfaction Selling”.
  • How to deal with price resistance and objections.

You will leave the seminar motivated and energized, with structured strategies that you can implement in your business right away.

Each attendee of the program will receive a complete training manual, there will be abundant Q&A, and you will have the opportunity to network with over 150 professionals and all of our sponsors during the bonus cocktail hour.

PLUS – - you have the opportunity to bring your salespeople and save big with our quantity discounts!

Don’t miss your opportunity to join us in Baltimore!

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