You Will Increase Your Sales And Decrease Your Marketing Costs!

meet_greetA key ingredient in a successful home improvement marketing/sales plan is: The quality and quantity of leads generated measured against the quality and quantity of the salespeople who were issued the leads.

The most profitable companies reduce their costs by implementing a creative marketing mix and instituting revised sales models.

However, there are seven areas of lead mismanagement that play a significant role in reduced profitability:

  1. Being unaware of the fully loaded cost for lead development.
  2. A significant “fall off” in systematic selling after the original contact.
  3. A corrupted mindset regarding the asset value of leads.
  4. Undervaluing face-to-face marketing.
  5. Allowing the salesperson too much latitude in the handling of leads.
  6. The lack of an efficient asset recovery program.
  7. Ignoring radiation marketing

This year’s Sales & Marketing Executive Symposium will give you the tools you need to avoid lead mismanagement and improve sales performance. You will learn:

  • Specific methods guaranteed to boost issue and demo rates.
  • How to cycle leads to obtain quicker and higher contact and set rates without offending prospects.
  • A simple system for measuring production & profit on a weekly basis.
  • How to engage your staff using a simple excel program to achieve higher goals.
  • The power of the war room.
  • How to recover lost leads and lost sales with the latest rehash methods.
  • The keys to selecting the right candidates and avoiding the wrong ones.
  • A basic training program that trains and test skills within two weeks.
  • How to test endurance, commitment and work ethic quickly and without fail.
  • Effective methods of compensation.
  • Management tactics to control salespeople while they are in the field.

You will leave the seminar motivated and energized, with structured strategies that you can implement in your business right away.

Each attendee of the program will receive a complete training manual, a PDF version of the workbook that they can access on their computer – - there will be abundant Q&A, and you will have the opportunity to network with over 150 professionals and all of our sponsors during the bonus cocktail hour.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join us in Las Vegas!

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